New York, NY, June 2, 1998: Kessler & Associates, Ltd. the premier worldwide corporate investigative firm has developed Web.Sweep, a powerful state-of-the art Internet monitoring program designed to detect the illegal use of licensed copyrights, trademarks and logos as well as to monitor other search terms on the web.

The danger of online infringement and counterfeiting is costing businesses untold millions and it is growing at an alarming rate. Companies reputations and products are being libeled on the Internet and, in most instances, the company’s executives are not even aware of the problem. With the ease of today’s electronic copying capabilities, a company’s presence on the web affords access to its most prized assets: copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, service marks and licensed properties.

Michael G. Kessler, the president of Kessler & Associates, Ltd stated that “Web.Sweep now brings the power of technology to our cyber investigators so that Internet crimes and abuses can be fought on a level battlefield. As licensing fees continue to skyrocket, protection of a company’s assets is essential to economic survival. High consumer demand, coupled with the ease of copying figures, logos and other high-demand items, make the web a particularly fruitful area for infringers who roam along the information superhighway.” Kessler also added that “every company at the show could benefit from this technology.”

Web.Sweep is available only through Kessler & Associates, Ltd and provides state of the art protection against on-line counterfeiting, diversion and trademark and copyright infringement.

Web.Sweep enables subscribers to receive on-line reports of unauthorized use or abuse of intellectual property, and other essential phrases. Literally sweeping the entire Internet, Web.Sweep brings on-line monitoring to a higher level by providing invaluable security to clients worldwide.

Kessler & Associates’ consultants also act on behalf of their clients and prepare electronic cease and desist letters, propose other effective responses and when necessary conduct full-scale investigations to determine the abusers and infringers.

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