Human Resource Executive

October 1998


There are numerous sources available through the Internet and World Wide Web to help job applicants concoct a fake degree or certificate, according to a recent study conducted by Michael G. Kessler & Associates Ltd., a New York based investigative services firm.

What to do

So as an employer, you have an increased likelihood of applicants presenting you with fake credentials. For example, some web sites provide transcript templates and forms that allow buyers to create their own “official” college transcripts just by filling in the blanks. To prevent from being fooled by a fake degree and certificates, Kessler suggests companies verify all transcripts and conduct background checks on applicants.

As it turns out, the study revealed several individuals in high-level positions to have a phony degree as their only credential. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact a Com Quest Representative at 800-752-4405 to find out about using credential and education verification in your hiring process.

Kessler gets definitive answers.

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