New York, New York, May 4, 2010—

Michael G. Kessler, President of Kessler International today announced the appointment of Stephen P. Lynch as Director of Client Care & Development. The appointment takes effect immediately.

Mr. Lynch will be responsible for coordinating projects in the Far East and working with staff in Kessler’s offices to identify potential business and economic opportunities. Mr. Lynch initially will be based out of the firm’s New York office but will staff an office in Beijing once the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China grants approval to open a representative office in Beijing.

Prior to joining Kessler International, Mr. Lynch spent nearly a decade in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer and overseas Security Forces Officer. Following his Marine Corps service Mr. Lynch spent several years in the defense and tech industries including General Dynamics Information Technology and overseas defense product marketing and development. Mr. Lynch brings significant international experience and industry expertise to Kessler International.

Because Kessler’s clients require assistance with intellectual property and licensing issues in China, we will have a team on the ground to coordinate investigations of IP violations and control counterfeiting and piracy. Kessler is also planning to introduce its forensic accounting and its computer/mobile phone forensics to companies in China.

Mr. Kessler said, “Kessler International has an incredible depth of talent in its staff and strong loyalty from its current clients and is looking forward to bringing its brand to the Peoples Republic of China. Kessler is looking forward to accelerating our business momentum by continuing to expand our office reach to meet the needs of our clients.”

Kessler International provides discreet risk mitigation services, business intelligence, forensic accounting services and computer forensic services to corporations including financial and investment institutions, law firms and governments worldwide. With offices in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Washington, Illinois, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom and affiliates throughout the world, Kessler International services the globe by providing the highest quality in forensic accounting services, high technology crime evaluation and prevention, civil and criminal litigation support, intellectual property protection, asset tracing, receivership, compliance and monitoring programs, business intelligence, and corporate risk management.

The multidisciplinary staff of Kessler International includes experts in forensic accounting, high technology crime, asset tracking and fraud and corruption investigation. This diversified staff includes former state and federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents, attorneys, forensic accountants, CPA’s and analysts. For more information please refer to the firm’s website or call (212) 286-9100 or (800) 932-2221.

Contact: Susan M. Peterson

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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