New York, New York, October 8, 2010 – Kessler International, in an attempt to keep the industry informed regarding the practice of Private Investigation, Forensic Accounting and Computer Forensics reports that through a Public Records Request it has been learned that members of the Nevada Private Investigators Board feel that offering Forensic Accounting services requires a private investigators license from their Board.

The discussion took place after the Board, according to their agenda of the December 9, 2009, was asked to address the practice of, “companies that provide audits of systems such as the complaint process for a private or governmental entity that, while not targeted against individual persons, may as a result of the audit cause the loss of a job or reveal criminal activity in which the information gathered in the audit would be used as criminal evidence. This type of, “audit or “investigation” does not solely rely on the information gathered by others, they conduct interviews of people in regards to their role in the system.”

In a March 17, 2010 meeting of the Board, Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board member James F. Nadeau opined that forensic accounting is similar to mystery shopping and that any company performing the service should be licensed as a private investigator. Although the board did not take an official position on the matter they did indicate that they will when a violation occurs. If this posture is adopted it will have far reaching effects on the accounting, forensic accounting and human resources professions.

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