Kessler has had two recent television appearances.

The first was an appearance on CNBC’s American Greed to discuss product diversion and gray market goods. More details regarding this story can be seen here: Kessler has assisted in the investigation of thousands of cases for major brands worldwide, assisting them in their efforts to stem the flow of diverted goods. One of these investigations centered around someone referenced in the story, Dina Wein Reis. Wein Reis was known to employ trickery to get brands to sell her their products for a discounted price. She promised manufacturers that she would distribute their products as free samples and gain them entry into lucrative markets that they would be otherwise unable to enter. Instead of distributing the products as free samples, she would sell them through intermediaries that sold them to retailers, while she pocketed the profits to the tune of $20 million dollars. Wein Reis was eventually arrested for and plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, ultimately being sentenced to 19 months in prison and required to pay $7 million restitution to the victims and a $1 million fine.

The second appearance was on the Investigation Discovery channel, in the People Magazine Investigates show regarding the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer a/k/a Long Island Serial Killer a/k/a Craigslist Reaper. More details regarding this show can be found here: Kessler has worked on a wide variety of homicide and murder cases wherein cell phone and computer forensics were required in order to obtain details critical to the case. In the Gilgo Beach matters, Kessler’s services have been used in the investigation to secure intelligence from Shannan Gilbert’s computer and cell phones that can potentially provide new leads in the case. When Gilbert’s remains were being searched for in Gilgo Beach in December of 2010, police were lead to four bodies and a few months later, six additional bodies were also found in the area pointing to the potential for a serial killer scenario. In addition to those 10, other remains were found thereafter in or around that area and in other areas of Long Island relevant to 7 additional bodies that many believe are also related to the case including Gilbert.

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