Residents of the Town of Brookhaven in Long Island, NY know every Christmas that they will be receiving the inevitable postcard from the town contracted garbage handlers providing the employee’s names and wishing the homeowners Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and looking for a gift. For the past years, the enterprising trash collectors went so far as to ask residents not to tape any gifts to the garbage can lids as many cards were stolen in previous years. This year things became more aggressive as they went so far as telling the residents to send their Holiday gifts to a post office box.

Investigative News Group contacted the Town of Brookhaven to inquire as to whether this tradition of soliciting cash from residents whose taxes pay for their garbage services was legal and compatible with the regulations adhered to by the Town. They received the following reply:

“The Town of Brookhaven expressly prohibits employees from accepting gratuities for services and residents should never be expected to provide a gratuity as a quid pro quo for services. We are aware of the postcard that was distributed by employees of private carters under contract with the Town and are reviewing those contracts,” said Jack Krieger, Town of Brookhaven Spokesperson.

(Feed from Investigative News Group)

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