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Kessler International is the preeminent professional services firm, offering a diverse range of investigative and forensic services to a global clientele in the private and public sectors. The Firm was founded in 1988 by Michael G. Kessler, and over the years has grown to become a multidisciplinary risk management services firm which retains top professionals and provides innovative services of the highest possible caliber.

Kessler International is privately held and independent.

Kessler International’s longevity in the field and history of success are a testament to the level of service we provide. Kessler International is uniquely qualified, having the capability, history, knowledge and personnel that you need at your side for success.

Kessler International is committed to assisting you. As leaders in the field, we are poised to provide the assistance, answers, training and guidance you require in a timely and efficient manner. Kessler International’s ability and experience will be put to work for you, providing solutions to your most difficult problems.

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Trusted by prominent corporations, individuals, government agencies and law firms worldwide.

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