To be trustworthy and candid, and to act so on behalf of all of our clients.


To be sincere, truthful, and resolute, and to honor our commitments.


To act dependably, reliably, and decisively, and to be accurate and informed in our conclusions.


To inspire confidence and trust, and to treat all information and resources responsibly.

Kessler International acquires the types of investments required to address both the audit and investigative challenges of today and those of tomorrow – investments in methodology, technology, knowledge, learning systems and people.

Kessler International approaches each assignment as if it were their only assignment. Our management team reviews each project and develops a custom tailored solution to meet the specific needs of our clients. Kessler International turns your questions into answers, giving you the protection and confidence you demand and where it counts the most…bottom line results! Many of the biggest names in the business world are in our sampling of clients.

At Kessler International, we have developed technologically advanced solutions expressly designed to support our approach to providing the total picture. From our proprietary programs in Internet (Web.Sweep™) and News Monitoring (News.Sweep®) to our global information database, (FerretSM), Kessler International is setting the standard®. In addition, Kessler International utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary business risk control and analysis software and advanced audit/investigative support tools.

A successful conclusion to any undertaking requires that the professionals charged with the task have an in-depth knowledge of industry-specific business processes and the most up-to-date information available. This is where Kessler International leads the way. We have the ability to collect and provide intelligence to our staff and the right infrastructure and tools to deliver our clients the results they expect and deserve. Knowledge is the key, and at Kessler International we know that by providing the most accurate information available to our staff, we can provide the greatest value to your business.

Professional staff members need an atmosphere where learning is encouraged so they can refine their skills, stay on top of industry trends and become adept at the latest technology available in the field. Kessler International encourages their staff members to maintain professional memberships and participate in professional associations and secure access to the best learning programs at the right time in their career.

Our people are our most important resource. Our professionals come from top positions in government and private corporations across major industry groups. When they join Kessler International, they gain access to revolutionary methodologies, cutting edge technologies, knowledge sharing, and learning so they can attain their individual best.

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