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Financial fraud. Intellectual Property theft. Computer Crimes. Every day, crimes like these put your company’s property and reputation on the line. It’s no wonder record numbers of businesses are turning to corporate investigation firms to help them maintain their competitive edge.

What sets us apart?

The question is, what makes one investigative consulting firm better than the rest?

The answer: a rare combination of financial expertise, investigation skills and street-wise knowledge that only one firm can deliver…Kessler International. We call that combination “The Kessler Difference” and we can put it to work for you.

Integrity You Can Rely On

While other traditional firms make promising claims about their forensic accounting and investigation abilities, only Kessler International combines the financial expertise of an accounting firm with the investigation capabilities of a private investigator.

As a pioneer in a now burgeoning field, we set the industry standard. We don’t need to make hollow claims; the quality and integrity of our work has earned us the trust and respect of companies worldwide.

Experience You Can’t Buy

Founder and principal Michael G. Kessler has over three decades of law enforcement and investigation experience, and has assisted in hundreds of successful investigations for business and government. Working closely with each client, he brings the full benefit of this valuable experience to bear on your unique case.

The Kessler staff of forensic accountants, CPAs, researchers and investigators are the best in the field, with years of sleeves-up service and training in their disciplines. The Kessler team knows what to look for in complex paper trails, and they know what it takes to conduct investigations quickly, discretely and cost-effectively.

We Fight Fire with Fire

Kessler International employs cutting edge methods and tools to help you meet today’s highly sophisticated, high-tech criminals head-on. We constantly invest in new technologies, like the latest audio and photo/video equipment, continuously-updated company and personal profile databases, and our exclusive Internet monitoring software. That way, we’re always ready to uncover, document and resolve your case with utmost speed and discretion.

One-Stop Shopping

Kessler International is the single source you can rely on for all your investigation and information needs. Our unified approach of combining financial knowledge with state-of-the-art forensic methods distinguishes us in the field. Our streamlined reporting services give you not more information-but better information, so you have the confidence and knowledge to act in an informed manner.

No Case Too Remote

With Kessler International you have a global partner with worldwide presence and resources needed to address any threat to your business, wherever it may arise. With offices located throughout the world, Kessler employees possess valuable contacts with government agencies, security personnel and law enforcement around the globe. As a major participant in an extensive, global network of worldwide investigation consulting affiliates, we have instant access to local resources and forensic experts worldwide.

Results that Speak for Themselves

Our growing roster of satisfied clients – from Fortune 500 companies to startups alike – speaks volumes for the results we deliver every day.

The Kessler Staff

Among our full time employees are Certified Forensic Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Brand Protection Professionals, Certified Internal Controls Auditors, CPAs, Certified Computer Forensics Engineers, investigators, financial analysts, research professionals and former law enforcement officers.

The members of our worldwide team of professionals are, without exception, the best in their fields and were handpicked to perform their respective duties. Their ability to excel in their chosen specialties and to complement each other’s skills is what enables Kessler to provide its clients with complete and thorough solutions.

The Kessler Commitment

I established Kessler International with the goal of becoming the preeminent corporate investigative firm worldwide. Over 26 years later, Kessler International has evolved into a distinguished and renowned provider of not only corporate investigations, but also forensic accounting, digital forensics and intellectual property protection services. The type of recognition and respect Kessler has received in these fields does not come by chance. It comes through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence that clients recognize, refer to others, and come back to themselves. The Kessler Commitment is backed by me personally, and it means that when you trust Kessler with your most difficult questions, our experts will work tirelessly to find you the answers that others cannot. I encourage you to contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart.

Michael G. Kessler
President & CEO

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