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Kessler_8x10_200dpi_SharpenedMichael G. Kessler, founder and principal of Kessler International, has assisted in thousands of successful investigations for corporations and government agencies worldwide.

He has been Chief of Investigations for N.Y.S. Tax and Finance, Director for the N.Y.S. Revenue Crimes Bureau, Deputy Inspector General for the N.Y. Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Assistant Chief Auditor/Investigator for the N.Y.S. Special Prosecutor.

Mr. Kessler has supervised intergovernmental task forces and some of the largest undercover operations ever conducted in New York State. In addition, the Federal Government calls upon Mr. Kessler to develop and implement national training programs for government investigators.

Having completed thousands of successful investigations, Mr. Kessler is frequently sought by individuals, corporations, government agencies and national media groups throughout the world. He formed Kessler International in 1988 to offer a wide variety of expert investigative and consulting services to clients in need of assistance.

Our Expert Staff

The staff at Kessler has conducted thousands of investigations and audits, as well as many other types of special inquiries for Fortune 500 companies and other prestigious clients around the world. Due to our experience and the quality of our work, our staff is consistently called upon to provide expert witness testimony. Our team has earned a reputation for success, and we intend to maintain that reputation as the recognized leader in our field no matter what challenges we face.

Among our full time employees are Certified Forensic Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Brand Protection Professionals, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Computer Forensics Examiners, investigators, financial analysts, research professionals and former law enforcement officers.

The members of our worldwide team of professionals are, without exception, the best in their fields and were handpicked to perform their respective duties. Their ability to excel in their chosen specialties and to complement each other’s skills is what enables Kessler to provide its clients with complete and thorough solutions.

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Trusted by prominent corporations, individuals, government agencies and law firms worldwide.

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