Don’t Let Your Devices Fall Prey to Suspicious USB Flash Drives

data breach

Kessler International conducted an independent study wherein the investigative firm purchased 100 USB devices, or flash drives, from internet marketplaces. Kessler was able to obtain these items at relatively low prices ranging from $1.00 to $7.00. Upon initially plugging the USB stick into a computer, Kessler observed that the flash drives did not contain any information. However, Kessler’s cutting-edge digital … Read More

Litigation Support: Let a Certified Professional Lend a Hand


The world of Litigation can seem like a frightening frontier. It is imperative to obtain any evidence possible that will help your case. Nowadays this includes hard evidence as well as digital evidence. While this may seem like a daunting task, there are certified individuals known as litigation support specialists that can help ease the burden with various litigation support … Read More

Volunteer Cops Allowed Weapons on Aircraft

For some people, the world of flying is filled with anxiety, fear, and nerves. For some, it’s no problem at all. Some people may even enjoy traveling by air. Due to the recent aircraft incidents; however, many of us may be questioning the safety and security of air travel altogether. What if the guy sitting in front of you and … Read More

The Secret of Secret Shoppers

Secret Shoppers

By now, most people have probably heard of “Secret Shoppers.” These individuals are hired by companies to perform undercover visits to retail locations or restaurants to shop or dine. The secret shopper then presents their experience to a client, who will use the information to better their company’s customer service and experience. The problem with these “shoppers” is that they … Read More

Royalty Control -Royalty Audits

Royalty Control and Royalty Audits

In this day and age it’s critical to be weary of who you sign licensing contracts with. There are many scammers out there looking for innocent victims who are all too eager to sign away the rights to market their song, book, product, idea etc. It’s crucial to make sure you understand all aspects of a licensing contract, specifically terms … Read More

Legal Advice in the Palm of Your Hands

Gone are the days when people open up their dusty phone books and search for the closest lawyer who can assist them with all their legal questions. There is no more waiting days on end until a lawyer is back in the office to return your phone call. Today it’s all about how fast you can access “need to know” … Read More

License Required to Provide Forensic Accounting Services?


Your state may require a public or private accounting firm to be licensed or registered as a private investigator in order to provide forensic accounting services. In fact, the majority of states require this. A recent survey, conducted by Kessler International, reveals its findings. These statistics are based off the states that responded to the survey and it’s according to … Read More

Inheriting the Copyright: From Inspiration to Imitation

When the British Parliament first established an author’s right to control the reproduction of his or her published work, they most likely did not imagine a form of that same statute being used to protect the 1970’s Marvin Gaye classic “Got to Give It Up.” The truth is that copyright law has not changed much since its inception in the … Read More

Your Opinion Could Cost You: New York State Hotel Threatens Guests with $500.00 Fine


The Union Street Guesthouse, a hotel located in Hudson, New York is under fire after it was found threatening guests with a $500.00 fine for the posting of negative reviews on websites such as More specifically the policy pertained to guests that booked a wedding or event at the hotel, along with any additional guests associated with their party. … Read More

Identity Theft


Kessler International has put together a list of 5 ways to steer clear of falling victim to identity theft. 1. Don’t let mail sit out for long periods of time, or put your mail somewhere where others can easily access it. Some mail, if not most of it, has important information that can identify you; especially mail such as bills, … Read More