Digital Forensics

Cybercrime–The Crime of the 21st Century

Solving crimes and uncovering pertinent evidence used to be as easy as obtaining a search warrant and approaching the suspect with a knock on the door. Today however, this process has become a lot more complicated. Today’s criminals use computers to hide evidence, perpetrate crimes and to be much more sophisticated. Now, something as simple as calling to order a pizza is automated to such a degree that just divulging your phone number allows cyber criminals to access to past orders, credit card information and your home address-and commit computer crime.

Because it’s so easy for criminals to hide cybercrime evidence and other pertinent information within a computer network, illegal profits are often earmarked to help protect their organization and computer crime evidence, leading criminals to seek out the brightest computer operators that money can buy.

Our Computer Crime Division specializes in:

Our clients approach Kessler International for various reasons. Some suspect employees of stealing information within their systems. Others want to be sure a vindictive ex-employee hasn’t sabotaged the computer system. Still others need a watchdog to be sure their systems are secure. Our Computer Crime Division often works with Governmental agencies and private corporations that need to obtain evidence hidden on the computer networks of suspected criminals.

At Kessler International, we feel less time should be spent worrying about computer crime so more time can be spent using computers to help grow your business. Give us a call today and let us show you how to protect your most valuable resource and safeguard your future from all elements of cybercrime.

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