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Lose data? Professional Data Recovery Can Get it Back.

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, today’s technology presents your business with as many problems as it does solutions. Computers that work miracles in your day-to-day operations often malfunction-and you lose valuable data. The email that makes communicating so simple carries deadly viruses that infect your machines and spread, causing massive data losses throughout your network. Hackers, both inside and outside your company can access your information, manipulate it, steal it and cause huge losses of data.

Professional Data Recovery

What can you do about it? Turn to Kessler International for hard drive data recovery and other data recovery services. We specialize in professional data recovery, and will restore your data quickly-right when you need it. Kessler International’s team of data recovery experts knows how to retrieve your lost data from damaged and corrupt storage media including hard-drives, back-up systems, temporary storage units and more. We can also restore individual corrupt files back to their original condition.

Kessler International’s data recovery specialists will retrieve your lost data and return your business operations to normal quickly and efficiently. So the next time an electronic disaster strikes, remember that your solution is just a phone call away.

Case Studies

Our client, a renowned trading company, suffered a sudden, devastating power outage that caused their server to cease functioning. The company took the hard-drive to a local computer repair person that was unable to read the corrupt drive. At this point, the team at Kessler International took over. Our data recovery team was able to reconstruct the files without harming the composition of them, and transferred them onto a media that the company could use.

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