Digital Enhancement (Video, Photo and Audio)

Photo Enhancement

Kessler International also offers expert photo enhancement services. Our expert computer forensic engineers combine skill and technology in order to clarify, enhance, enlarge, restore and correct your digital images.

Our image enhancement services have been used extensively by law firms, corporations, governments and individuals worldwide. The effectiveness of visual imagery presented as evidence can hinge upon the quality and clarity of the image. Kessler International ensures that you are as prepared as you are able.

Image Authentication

When you need to provide proof that the photograph you are using as evidence is unaltered and original, look no further than the image authentication services provided by Kessler International. Using state of the art software and cutting edge forensic techniques, the digital forensic engineers at Kessler are able to validate images and provide supporting evidence if they are original photographs as taken from a digital camera. Kessler is also able to analyze and investigate photographs obtained from the Internet including social media sites for the purposes of providing testimony towards their likelihood of having been altered from originals. In instances where alterations are found to have been made, Kessler is often able to provide specific details and evidence with regards to which portion of an image signature does not match and an editing history of the image.

Video Enhancement

Kessler International offers expert video enhancement services. Our computer forensics team is able to digitally enhance and evaluate all types of video files.

Using state of the art and cutting edge technology, Kessler International is able to clarify and analyze your video files, allowing you to obtain, preserve, and present crucial evidence. Kessler International also offers expert witness testimony from our experienced industry leading computer forensic engineers to support your case.

Audio Enhancement

Kessler International specializes in the provision of expert audio enhancement services relative to digital and analog audio recordings. Our audio enhancement services include sound clarification, noise reduction, and the enhancement of poor quality recordings.

Kessler International’s arsenal of cutting edge software and experienced personnel ensure that your audio files will be as clear as they can be.

Why Use Kessler For Your Digital Enhancements?

  • Confidentiality is our priority.
  • For over two decades, our experts have been on the cutting edge of the enhancement field, and we have a digital armory of software at our disposal.
  • As professional investigators, all of your evidence is subject to the appropriate procedures and is maintained in a strict chain of custody, ensuring that it is admissible in court.
  • When you work with Kessler International, you can expect professional, timely and responsive service with strict adherence to deadlines.

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