Electronic Document Discovery

Electronic Evidence Helps Prove Your Case

Do you suspect illicit activity in your own organization, or within a related company? Concerned individuals who feel the need for electronic discovery often approach us at Kessler International-even without clear parameters as to what the evidence is-or could be.

Kessler International’s computer forensics investigators regularly perform electronic discovery for documents that may be related to a crime or your case, even if they’ve been deleted. We’ve found that elapsed time doesn’t hinder the recovery of deleted files, at least in the majority of cases. Rest assured that Kessler International will thoroughly investigate any machine, including swap and temporary files, as part of an electronic evidence discovery that gives you the pertinent information you need for your case. If electronic evidence exists, our electronic evidence discovery experts will find it.

Electronic Discovery is Admissible

And, our practice of elaborate planning and our firm adherence to procedure ensures that any evidence retrieved through electronic discovery is admissible in a court of law. We work with integrity, and are proud of the fact that a professional quality computer forensics investigation by Kessler International leaves no electronic stone left unturned.

Call Kessler International today for electronic data discovery, and put your worst fears to rest.

Case Studies

One client, a professional association, came to Kessler International with concerns that one of their employees was on the market for a new job. Kessler International’s team of computer forensics experts were able to recover previously deleted files from the machine of the employee in question showing several variations of a resume that he had created on the company machine. The employee was dealt with accordingly.

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