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Lose a Vital Password?

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just fired an IT employee. He or she becomes irate, and decides to change the passwords to integral business files on their way out the door. Or, imagine that a client you haven’t done business with in years wants to reopen their files, but those files were password protected by someone who left your company two years ago-and they took the password documentation with them.

It may seem hopeless, but all is not lost! Kessler International’s team of computer forensics specialists can work password recovery miracles for files in almost any computer program. Before you spend valuable time and effort duplicating work your company believes is lost, call Kessler International. We’ll save you time, energy and money with a quick password recovery session.

Case Studies

One client, a large retail company, password protected all of their Human Resources files in order to protect the privacy of their employees. A few misappropriated clicks of the mouse erased the current password and locked the valuable files to everyone in the company. Kessler International’s team of computer forensics experts was able to recover the lost password so that the company could resume normal operations.

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