On-Site Acquisition

Can’t Bring the Computer to Us? We’ll Come to the Computer.

Sometimes, computer equipment that needs to undergo a computer forensics investigation can’t be removed from its current location. If your digital evidence can’t be sent to our laboratories for analysis for whatever reason, Kessler International’s computer forensics team can conduct digital evidence searches and data recovery services on-site.

Perhaps the evidence in question is contained on a server that’s integral to your day-to-day operations. In such cases, our specialists will quickly and efficiently visit the site, and will transfer the information to media that can be investigated in our laboratories. Years of experience ensure that proper procedures are followed, guaranteeing the integrity of the evidence found.

Discretion is often a deciding factor when commissioning an on-site investigation of digital materials. As an employer, you may not want your employees to realize that their equipment is being searched for evidence. In such cases, our specialists will conduct their investigation in such a way that the privacy of the investigation is not compromised. Unobtrusive digital data recovery at your place of business can help ensure the protection of your valuable business assets.

In smaller businesses, and large ones alike, computer equipment often doubles as a vehicle through which business transactions are made. If this is the case, Kessler International’s specialists will conduct our investigations on-site quickly and efficiently, while safeguarding your cash flow.

At Kessler International we believe that efficiency, speed, and integrity are essential elements in on-site digital recovery operations. When you choose Kessler International, you’re guaranteed that your assets and business operations remain safe during any investigations.

Case Studies

Our client, an international real estate firm with locations around the globe, was conducting an internal investigation into commission fraud by employees in several of these locations. As these offices all shared files through a server at headquarters, the computer forensics team at Kessler International were called in to conduct an on-site investigation. Our agents were able to retrieve the necessary evidence without disrupting the operation of the server, and also ensuring that the real estate agents in question were not aware of the investigation. Several files were secured documenting the illegal transactions and the firm initiated legal action.

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