Business Valuations

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Intrinsic Value of Your Business

If you’re looking for a fair appraisal for your business, why not leave it for the professionals at Kessler International? Do you know how much your business is actually worth? Utilizing a series of thorough research and analysis techniques, our esteemed experts will ensure that you’re receiving the full fair market value. The process is far more complicated than simply recognizing the full monetary value of a specific asset, and calls for a comprehensive understanding of business strategy, the ability to interpret accounting and financial data from all facets of your business, as well as the skill to forecast a financial statement. At Kessler International, our superior team of seasoned specialists will make sure that you are getting exactly what you are worth.

Expert Business Valuations

At Kessler International, we don’t believe in estimates; or, as so-called “experts” might call it, “a best guess.” We prefer accuracy, detail, and precision when finding the full value for your business. We provide careful examination of financial and operational dates, legal documents, and further relevant information pertinent to assessing the worth of your business. Our valuation techniques can prove invaluable in cases of…

  • New and pending partnership – Whether you’re selling your shares or buying out, a specific value will help guarantee that you and your partners see exactly what you are owed.
  • Closure – If your business is shutting its doors, future disputes between your partners can be prevented after a thorough assessment. With a full valuation, the figures you list on your final tax return can be justified.
  • Divorce – If there is a dispute between you and your spouse, assistance from a valuation expert can do wonders in determining that you receive everything that is owed to you after a separation. In these proceedings, we conduct a thorough investigation into tangible assets such as cash, accounts, inventory, and equipment; as well as intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, and contracts.
  • Business Sale – Before you sign that agreement, you need to be certain that every asset has been accounted for. The sale of a business can create a major impact on your financial future with the eventual cash flow that comes upon the sale’s completion.
  • Death and Estate Planning Session – Don’t wait – evaluate! Your decedent’s estate must be taken into account immediately after the passing in order for you and your loved ones to receive your full inheritance. In these cases, it is necessary to have a professional who can help disperse the full value of each and every asset as keeping with the decedent’s interests.

Experienced professionals like the superior team assembled at Kessler International will provide expert opinions that will support your business valuation claim to lenders, insurers, and in the courts. Your financial future is at stake, so call Kessler International today for a no-obligation business valuation consultation.​

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