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Find Out What’s Plaguing Your Construction Project

It’s no secret that the construction industry is rife with misappropriation,fiscal irresponsibility, theft, scams and kickbacks… in fact, most owners and contractors view those disappearing dollars as an inevitable cost of doing business, unwanted expenditures that simply come with the territory.

But what many don’t realize is that the industry is changing… owners and honest contractors don’t have to give in to crooked public officials and unscrupulous vendors any more. Fraud and negligence can now be uncovered through an in-depth construction project audit that will save money, increase accountability and reduce potential legal hassles.

Fraudulent disbursements, substandard materials and labor, bribery, tax fraud, bid rigging… the list of potential financial hazards goes on and on. But with a thorough construction project audit, you can pinpoint waste and money-draining schemes, ensure fiscal accountability, and protect yourself from similar problems down the road.

What will a construction audit do for you? While traditional audits typically result in a checklist of minor accounting issues, construction audits are unique in that they almost always result in a tangible benefit.Even small projects tend to lose a vast amount of money to unknown factors, and a construction audit can not only recover lost funds, but it can help prevent future losses as well as our team analyzes your internal controls and accounting methods. Even better, construction audits usually pay for themselves and then some, due to the considerable returns produced by the careful inspection of records and our unique investigative approach to the audit process.

Reconcile your records, maintain fiscal responsibility, save money and safeguard future projects… and that’s just the beginning.

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories of construction projects gone awry, and you want to nip any problems in the bud before your project gets under way. Perhaps you are still in the process of soliciting contractors, or maybe you’ve only gone as far as the initial approval. Whatever stage of the construction process you’re in, Kessler International can help. From planning to project completion, our team of professionals can assist you with astute consultation, expert analysis and detailed investigative auditing.

Addressing the Critical Issues

Conducting a construction audit is no simple task. It requires a strong understanding of the intricacies of the construction industry, general accounting practices, white-collar crimes, and even local politics.In addition, it requires a team of experts that knows exactly which issues to address. The professionals at Kessler — who possess expertise in forensic accounting, construction project management and other applicable areas — make sure that every pressing question is answered completely and with total accuracy, including:

  • Did the project proceed according to plan?
  • Have original and change order costs, reported by vendors been properly classified, accurately summarized, consistently treated and directly attributable to a specific asset?
  • Are cost overages reasonable, allowable and allocatable under contract guidelines?
  • Are all expenditures accounted for, and are all assets identifiable?
  • Has financial mismanagement led to significant depletion of assets or other negative issues during the project?
  • Is the process for procuring contractors, architects and other vendors competitive and fair?
  • Is the project organized in a fashion that will ensure financial responsibility, adequate communications and dependable record keeping?
  • Did the project adhere to original design plans and contract requirements?
  • Is the value of finished projects consistent with the overall costs incurred?
  • Is there evidence of fraud or corruption?

Industries Served

Over the years, Kessler International has provided construction auditing services to organizations in a wide variety of industries. Some of the areas we have extensive experience in include:

  • Schools
  • Public Buildings
  • Municipal Projects
  • Office Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Religious Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Commercial Centers
  • Hospitals / Medical Facilities
  • Industrial Projects
  • and many more…

If you are in need of a detailed construction audit, a routine project analysis, or independent inspection services, call Kessler International today at (212) 286-9100, and let our team of expert investigators and auditors examine your construction project from top to bottom. Whether you’re faced with sloppy bookkeeping, negligence, overbillings, jobsite theft, or even fraud, Kessler will get to the bottom of the problem and offer prudent solutions that will boost your bottom line.

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