FCPA Services – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Kessler’s investigators and auditors are available to assist entities in confirming their compliance and investigating alleged violations of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (“FCPA”) by performing investigations, risk assessments and internal control reviews. The FCPA essentially outlines anti-bribery guidelines prohibiting the giving of items of value to foreign government officials for the purpose of obtaining business and relays internal controls provisions that require companies to reasonably document their transactions. A sharp increase in FCPA enforcement is seen with every passing year as companies are increasingly expanding into developing markets. Likewise, Kessler has experienced an increasing need for these types of investigations for our clients.

FCPA Requirements

The FCPA has requirements pertaining to accounting provisions which require corporations covered by the provisions to maintain the appropriate books and documentation and operate using appropriate internal accounting controls. Kessler will conduct a detailed audit and internal investigation of your books and records and review company internal controls for the purpose of fettering out fraud. Kessler’s forensic investigations of FCPA compliance focus on the analysis of vendors and customers, banking details, payroll, and cash accounts.

Audits will typically incorporate techniques such as interviewing witnesses and employees with relevant information, inspecting and obtaining documentation, performing relevant computer forensics services when beneficial and writing a detailed report of findings. Kessler will also provide recommendations and guidelines clients and counsel can use to ensure that their company is in compliance with all FCPA regulations and operating ethically.

Kessler can also review the operations of your management staff to ensure that they are in compliance with this act. The government will prosecute and punish offenders and Kessler can help you insure that your company will not be subject to the embarrassment and hassle potentially involved by ensuring the compliance of staff and assessing your company’s risk of being involved in bribery on an international scale.

FCPA Compliance policy

Kessler will assist in the development of a company specific FCPA Compliance policy. Any company engaging in international business would benefit from the establishment of such a policy. A senior staff member at the helm of this policy narrows accountability and demonstrates that your company is serious in their quest for compliance.

If your company uses intermediaries to conduct international business, Kessler can provide discrete and thorough due diligence to identify whether they are involved in bribery and corruption. Kessler can also analyze international contracts to confirm that you are incorporating appropriate FCPA terms.

International corruption and bribery are intensely complicated matters, but your company compliance can be easy with the assistance of services from Kessler International. Call today to discuss your particular situation and to learn more about how we can help with FCPA services.

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