Forensic Accounting for Divorce

Divorce proceedings can be a delicate, stressful sort of business. Therefore it is important to have an ally by your side to help ensure that you are treated fairly, and that your rights are not abused during these often emotional procedures. Since each case for divorce is unique in its own way, there is not one single way to approach such a case. An experienced forensic accountant can prove invaluable to matters of divorce, especially when one spouse is determined to conceal certain assets or incomes that may change the outcome of the case if kept hidden away.

In most cases of this nature, one spouse will assume responsibility as the money management role in the marriage. In this way, that spouse has a considerable advantage of how marital assets are presented, sometimes escalating to a level of fraud. As divorce is an unavoidably bitter business, emotions may lead to unwise decision-making, including sly, underhanded means to reduce alimony or child support.

With our sensitive yet effective team of professionals, Kessler International can uncover hidden or transferred assets and income that may dramatically change the outcome of your divorce proceeding. Through in-depth financial document analysis, we can find any possible incomes or assets that the guilty spouse attempts to conceal.

Below is a representation of the supplementary services we provide to many of our divorce clients who are using our forensic accounting services:

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