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An accountant’s work can only go so far. In matters of financial fraud or any other discrepancy in your accounts, you need more than just the numbers – you need the facts behind the numbers as well.

Not only do we provide the facts, we also offer counsel in complex financial situations.
That’s where Kessler’s forensic accounting firm and certified forensic accountants can help you determine exactly why your numbers are failing to match. The certified forensic accountants at Kessler International are just the sort of trained specialists that you need to see what’s going on behind the scenes through an in-depth financial investigation.

The business world is changing day by day, and with the all-encompassing grasp of digital commerce, as well as the evolving markets found on the internet, it seems quite the struggle to manage the risk of fraud and misconduct in your financial records.

Certified Forensic Accountant

Certified Forensic AccountantsThe expertly trained staff of Kessler International’s accounting team is comprised of certified forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), investigators and researchers. These skilled and qualified individuals work together to not only provide detailed financial analysis to identify any problematic or suspect accounting practices. In light of any issues or discrepancies, it is the certified forensic accountants, in particular, that possess unparalleled insight to dig deep behind the numbers to find the root of the problem. These specialists conduct comprehensive analysis of business records and practices to identify suspicious accounting procedures and other financial irregularities. Should a problem be found, these skilled professionals can diagnose the cause. Kessler International’s specialists provide not only valuable solutions to the financial woes of your personal accounts and businesses, but can also develop proactive strategies to protect you from potential losses. Our expert certified forensic accountants know where to look to keep you out of the red and in the black.

Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting Services Kessler International boasts a global investigations team of certified individuals who are leaders in forensic accounting, and are distinguished by their sense of integrity. Among our numbers, we include certified forensic accountants, fraud examiners, CPAs, financial analysts, investigators, and researchers; all of whom are determined to be top echelon service providers in all financial matters. Not only do we provide the facts, we also offer counsel in complex financial situations. If you believe you have need of forensic accounting services, contact Kessler International today for a no-obligation consultation.

Case Studies

  1. An investment bank was considering providing finance to a plastic manufacturer overseas. The bank heard rumors of faulty operations and overestimated profits and thought accurate business intelligence could help them make a decision.  The Kessler International forensic accounting team was called in to conduct a general investigation of the plastic manufacturer and determine if the information they provided to the investment bank was truthful. Our researchers and investigators scrutinized the company’s revenues, their books, and projections to assure they were fair and accurate.  They also assessed the potential risks involved in the deal and provided the investment bank with valuable information to help them make the right decision before it was too late.

  2. A Fortune 500 company suspected a new subsidiary was misappropriating funds.  The Kessler International team approached this investigation in stages and began by conducting a surveillance of the plant.  Investigators immediately observed employees stealing large amounts of raw materials.  The next step was to conduct a forensic audit of the plant’s business records.  We discovered that 75 of the plant’s employees were illegal aliens.  Other inconsistencies included three employees who appeared on the payroll as “ghosts” but who were currently serving prison sentences.  Our accountants also noticed thousands of dollars in checks that were cashed by check cashing services. After receiving this information, the Fortune 500 company took appropriate legal action and requested we conduct investigations into their other subsidiaries.

  3. After years of marital bliss a couple decides to divorce due to several irreconcilable differences. One spouse was uncooperative and made the divorce process extremely difficult. The forensic accountants at Kessler International were called in to determine the value of the couples business, specifically the wife’s share of the business. It had become extremely difficult to obtain the proper documentation that would determine her share because every possible legal maneuver to stall the procedure was used. The Kessler team worked quickly and efficiently and obtained a court order that allowed them to gather evidence through an on-site visit. They obtained all the evidence necessary and produced a report that would serve their client well in court.

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