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Get to the Bottom of Suspicious Insurance Claims

As everyone knows, life is extremely unpredictable.  Accidents happen, natural disasters strike, and crime often results in significant losses.  Insurance companies do their part to help people recover from such events, but what happens when those who claim to be in need take advantage of the system?  What happens when someone commits fraud, collecting on losses that never occurred, or worse, occurred intentionally?  In short, the insurance company loses money, and the depleted revenue is eventually replaced by its paying customers.

Clearly, no insurance company wants to pay for false damages, nor do they want to alienate their customer base with rate hikes.  So if a claim (especially one of significant monetary value) raises red flags, a comprehensive claims audit from Kessler International may be the key to uncovering fraud and stopping scam artists in their tracks.

What’s different about our Claims Auditing?

So what makes a claims audit from Kessler distinct from the rest?  The real difference is our experience in forensic accounting, which means we can take your claims audit to a much higher level when a routine examination just wouldn’t get the job done.  Our investigative expertise allows us to obtain elusive information that would normally be missed, and our staff of expert forensic accountants provides clients with a level of insight that simply can’t be matched.  We will delve into records and receipts, conduct interviews of key individuals, perform on-site inspections, review computer documentation… we will go to great lengths to find the truth behind the claim.  Bottom line, if you want the facts, Kessler International is the firm to find them.

What will a claims audit with Kessler do for you?

  • Save time and money
    When a claim has the potential to cost your company hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, investigating any suspicious claim makes good financial sense.  The cost of an audit is greatly eclipsed by a cost of a false claim, and particularly for smaller companies, this can mean a monumental difference.   Plus, working with Kessler means that your audit will be conducted in an efficient, professional manner, allowing you to save precious time.
  • Support your response
    Conducting an audit is only half the battle… once you know for sure what is going on, you need to take action.  With Kessler, you will not only be provided with a detailed report complete with supporting documentation, you will benefit from having a professional team of expert witnesses at your disposal, as well as the ability to conduct additional investigation as your case takes shape.  We will consult with you to determine the best course of action, and work with you to help ensure a favorable outcome.
  • Provide tangible results
    We recognize that every client is different, with unique needs and concerns.  Therefore, each inquiry conducted by our firm is customized to meet your specific requirements, allowing us to focus our claims audit and keep costs down.  Our results will directly address your most pressing questions, providing you with useful, timely information that will yield real benefits.

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