Money Laundering

Stop or Prevent the Flow of Dirty Money

Could someone be laundering money through your corporation? Illegal drug sales generate more and more cash each year, and as a result, drug traffickers and other criminals are continually finding new ways to launder dirty money. Federal laws targeting money laundering at banks and other financial institutions are forcing traffickers to seek “non-bank” institutions through which they play their dirty games. Many major corporations are insufficiently aware of their vulnerability to money laundering activity-are you?

Kessler International’s investigative expertise will help you uncover even the most subtle and sophisticated money laundering schemes. We’re familiar with all the red flags that indicate suspicious financial activity in both bank and non-bank institutions, and can trace and document all such activity until the entire money laundering process is revealed.

In addition to unparalleled detection services, Kessler International also brings you a proactive anti money laundering prevention program designed to keep your business “dirty money” free. We’ll help you establish procedures for customer background searches, employee and compliance officer training programs, and regular ad hoc audits to help your business restore-and maintain-your legal and ethical standards.

Kessler International’s money laundering detection and prevention programs are proven, cost-effective and dependable. With increased legislation against corporations involved in laundering money, including stiff penalties and broad asset forfeiture provisions, you can no longer afford to assume money laundering is somebody else’s problem. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll not only stop money laundering in its tracks, we’ll help you make sure laundering money doesn’t become your problem in the future.

Case Studies

  1. A pharmaceutical company believed certain employees were defrauding the company and hiding stolen assets. The team at Kessler International was called in to find out exactly if and how this money-laundering scheme was occurring. Our researches and investigators searched through public records, interviewed several witnesses, and traced the trail of cash. They discovered that a fake corporation was set up so laundered funds could be transferred into an account. Our forensic accountants reviewed the loss, audited accordingly and later provided the company with a preventive advice in order to stop future laundering schemes.
  2. At the request of a European governing agency, the team at Kessler International was asked to determine the source of funds that a European official and his associates invested in the United States. Our researchers and investigators profiled the financial history of each individual involved and found a trail that placed the illegal money in the United States. After reviewing the information, the governing agency took immediate action.

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