Worker’s Compensation Program Auditing Services

Worker’s Compensation is a necessary safeguard to protect workers who are injured while performing the duties of their job. Although programs differ, the basic principle is the same, allowing workers to collect missed wages and to pay for necessary medical care and the expenses. As with any established system of insurance, there are those who seek to get assistance from the system knowingly not meeting the requirements. That’s where the Fraudbusters® at Kessler come in.

Kessler International has extensive experience auditing self-insured Worker’s Compensation Programs Auditing Services for government agencies and self-insured corporations nationwide. We’ve been down the road many times before, and are able to quickly and efficiently review and investigate questionable claimants and providers to fetter out and identify fraudulent behaviors.

Our clients benefit from the breadth of experience that only a company with specialists in forensic auditing and investigation can provide. Kessler International’s expansive resources include the use of various proprietary software systems geared towards the detection and exposure of fraudulent behaviors.

A Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Program Audit/Investigation performed by Kessler International will provide results which will significantly reduce costs for our clients. Among the steps included in the audit are:

  • Investigation into claimant fraud
  • Investigation into Medical/Health Care Provider fraud
  • Investigation into Prescription Drug Fraud
  • Creation of recommendations relative to workplace safety procedures and efficiencies
  • Creation of recommendations to preclude future fraud
  • Creation of recommendations to improve the effectiveness and systems being used by Program staff for the purposes of claim review and intake

If you feel that your Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Program is being taken advantage of or has been compromised in any fashion, or if it seems a thorough review may bring to light weaknesses in the system that could stand to be tightened, we can help.

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