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Want to establish your presence online?

We recommend that you begin domain acquisition procedures even before you begin building your site. It may require domain name research, domain name tracking or brainstorming for plausible names. Give your domain name acquisition the importance it deserves because it’s your home online. It’s where your customers and prospects can learn more about you, or purchase your products or services. And today, with everything from salad dressing to pantyhose available online, your web address is as important as your mailing address. It adds credibility, and if done right, levels the playing field for small businesses around the world.

It’s imperative that you move quickly to obtain the domain name you want. At Kessler International, we’ll pre-register your domain name, so that when the time comes for your site to go “live,” your online home will be ready.

What if the domain name you want isn’t available?

Kessler International can still help. We realize that there’s been a buying frenzy by companies and individuals hoping to profit by snapping up domain names before many companies realized the need for a website. The experts at Kessler International will serve as your liaison in your domain name acquisition search. We’ll locate the owner of the domain name in question, ascertain whether or not the name is being used on an active site, and determine the method and costs involved in its purchase. Based on similar sales, we’ll let you know a fair and proper price to pay, and should negotiations fail, we’ll help you with domain name research, domain name tracking and other viable options.

At Kessler International, we recognize the importance of your domain name and the ramifications it may have on the success and perception of your firm. To that end, we’ll make every possible effort to help resolve your domain acquisition issues, and help your company gain its rightful place on the World Wide Web.

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