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Kessler is a pioneer in the field of online brand protection, having entered the field over 25 years ago.

Does your business rely heavily on your good name and reputation-even online? Most do. But with the increasing number of websites popping up daily, businesses are having a tough time monitoring everything that’s going on. How can you be sure that people aren’t out there making derogatory or inflammatory statements about your company? How do you know they’re not casting aspersions on the name you’ve worked so hard to build? Kessler International has the solution in online brand protection to stop Internet fraud and Internet harassment.

Our IP Cyber Cops combine the skills of experienced researchers with our state-of-the-art proprietary software to protect your company from Internet bashing, intellectual theft, and outright Internet fraud. Web.Sweep, our ground breaking technology, brings you full-time, in-depth monitoring you so can be certain your name and brands are protected on the World Wide Web.

Kessler’s elite team of IP Cyber Detectives are globally available for online brand protection:

  • Detect IP Infringement
  • Trace Stolen Goods
  • Identify Perpetrators
  • Conduct Covert Undercover Investigations
  • Make Undercover Purchases
  • Conduct eBay and Online Auction Investigations
  • Investigate the Sale of Counterfeit Goods
  • Conduct Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Detect and Identify Coupon Scammers
  • Identify Anonymous Defamers
  • Trace Cyber Squatters
  • Gather Cyber Intelligence
  • Conduct Cyber Fraud Investigations
  • Monitor social media networks

Our top-notch researchers and investigators work closely with you to define your objectives, and to construct the appropriate search parameters that guarantee successful online brand protection. Give Kessler International a call today. We’ll tell you how Web.Sweep will protect your name and your brand, and let you keep a close eye on those who wish to hurt your company online. Sometimes, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

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