Social Media and Brand Monitoring

The least expected, but certainly not least effective, tool in litigation is the emergence of social media. Any material you may consider private that is posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat (just to name a few) can potentially be used as evidence in litigation or human resource matters.

At Kessler International, our team of certified professionals will delve into the recesses of various social media platforms in order to uncover information pertinent to your concerns. Through social media platforms, an individual is likely to post personal information, such as their whereabouts, friends and family members, business relationships, their schedules, or even projects that they are currently undertaking. In litigation, such information has the potential to verify or disprove details that may be under suspicion. If a witness gives information that can prove to be damaging to your case, social media tools can confirm or deny his or her testimony.

Social Media can be used to investigate cases of:

  • Personal Injury – Photographs found via Facebook or Instagram can instantly confirm an employee’s claim of being unable to perform their duties due to an injury. They would certainly be hard-pressed to explain why they are collecting pay for time off when they are observed to be dancing at a club on a date that they claimed to have been recovering from an injury.
  • “Unused” Vacation Payouts – As with Personal injury claims, a review of an employee’s social media presence can lead to information about their whereabouts on certain vacations. If they are collecting unused vacation hours, then it would be prudent to confirm that they were where they said they were. Should it be found that an employee was vacationing in the Bahamas when they were listed within your records to have been working at the office, then it becomes clear that the employee has been dishonest in his claims for these unused hours.
  • Living Beyond Means – In cases of embezzlement within a company, social media tools can be used to confirm dishonest behavior. Extravagant trips, large purchases, and other cases of flagrant opulence can go a long way in finding out if a suspected employee is indeed living far beyond the means allowed by his current salary.
  • Brand Protection

In matters of intellectual property protection, Kessler International is able to provide brand monitoring services which monitor on an ongoing basis the use and proliferation of a client’s brand on the Internet and in social media platforms.

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