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Trademark Investigation Is a Specialty of Kessler International

Brand owners invest a lot of time and resources in trademarks, and they deserve to have competent assistance to make sure that they aren’t wasting any capital. With the trademark investigation services of Kessler International at your disposal, you’ll be able to determine if someone else already holds the trademark you’re interested in or if it’s been abandoned. Our trademark in-use investigation protocols are also designed to inform you if anyone is profiting from valuable intellectual property without the permission of the owners.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Before seriously committing to deploying any trademark, prominent organizations or their attorneys enlist us so that they can discover if the coast is legally clear. It’s far better to allow us to provide you with thorough, reliable info beforehand rather than finding yourself caught up in litigation later on. We’ll let you know:

  • If anyone is currently using a similar mark
  • How long a given mark has been in existence
  • How extensively a trademark has been used
  • The geographical distribution of a trademark

Secure Your Rights

Whether through ignorance or malice, there are many people and organizations who might unfairly employ the fruits of other people’s labor toward their own ends. We’ll endeavor to prevent this from happening with our intellectual property investigation efforts. If we uncover a case of someone illicitly profiting from the property of you or your clients, we’ll take steps to help you resolve the issue either amicably or through the legal system.

About Our Intellectual Property Investigations

In order to conduct a trademark investigation, we employ sophisticated tools, like our proprietary Web.Sweep and News.Sweep programs. They enable us to do cost-effective trademark searches across the internet as part of a comprehensive trademark in use investigation. We aren’t restricted to searching only in certain geographical areas or markets; we operate around the world. We supplement these measures with photographic evidence and undercover investigations whenever necessary.

After gathering all the info we need, we’ll compile a detailed report of our findings. Our professional researchers and investigators have a wealth of knowledge and experience, so they’re well suited to the task of creating documents that lay out exactly what you wish to ascertain. We pass all our reports along to members of our senior staff, who review them for accuracy before handing them over to our clients.

Trusted by Large Enterprises

We’ve been consulted by Fortune 500 companies, who appreciate the fact that we can safeguard their brands with a meticulous trademark in useinvestigation. We’ve been serving our clients, including law firms and corporate counsel, for more than two decades. If you believe that it’s time for a diligent trademark investigation, then Kessler International is here to lend you a hand. Contact us today to learn more about how we can efficiently defend intellectual property rights and prevent poor investments.

Case Studies

  1. Our client, a proprietor in the wines and spirits industry retained the services of Kessler International to conduct a trademark investigation with respect to an upstart liquor company producing a beverage found to be similarly named, and using a similar logo as that of our client. Kessler conducted research, contacted key individuals, and provided the necessary findings to our client. In turn, it was requested that Kessler provide a supplemental service in light of our investigation’s results. As such, Kessler monitored the growth and expansion of the particular trademarked beverage, and consistently forwarded the results to our client to proceed in a manner they saw fit.
  2. Recently, Kessler was retained to conduct a trademark investigation on behalf of a high-end law firm. In this particular case, the law firm had been contacted by a hotel group with a growing concern that a competing entity constructing hotels would feature a currently in-use trademark. Our investigators conducted Internet and social media research to acquire any and all intelligence available on the competitor. An undercover investigator was also sent to the offices of the competitor to confirm or deny their very existence. Upon providing this information to our client, it was requested that Kessler perform an on-site visit to confirm the extent of trademark infringement. Kessler then sent an investigator to visit the construction sites to obtain additional information regarding any and all infringement of our client’s mark. In one location the currently in-use trademark was found represented within a fully-operational hotel, while the second location was found to still be under construction. Our in-depth findings were forwarded to our client. Our written report was further supplemented by top quality photographs of our on-site findings.

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