Expert Witness Testimony

When You Need An Expert Witness

In litigation, it’s mandatory that evidence is an integral part of your legal arguments. The need to present proof of file transfers, the existence of incriminating emails, Internet use, financial spreadsheets and intellectual property issues is prevalent in our courtrooms. Unfortunately, presentation of elaborate spreadsheets, financial documents, digital evidence and other complex matters to a jury has little or no effect without being presented by a qualified and credentialed expert witness who is able to explain in laypersons language what has transpired.

Kessler International’s court qualified staff can provide expert witness testimony in cases concerning digital evidence, divorce, financial malfeasance, forensic accounting findings, intellectual property and other complex issues. Our experts can clarify the nature of the evidence presented, and justify its pertinence to the proceedings. Call Kessler International today. We’ll put you in touch with our experts who will take the stand for you and help your jury reach a favorable decision.

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