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Litigation Support- Get the Computer Evidence You Need

Are you faced with the unpleasant reality of taking legal action towards another individual or company? And does the litigation involve securing documents from your opponent’s computer, as ordered by a court of law?

We offer discrete computer litigation support

Kessler International’s team of computer forensics experts provides professional and discreet computer litigation support. We’ll secure the information you need as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And by using time-tested procedures related to computer litigation support, we make sure the evidence secured is admissible in court, and that it maintains its integrity throughout the custody process.

Kessler International has provided invaluable computer litigation support for a wide variety of cases, from those of Fortune 500 companies to individual citizens involved in private litigation. If you need computer litigation support, call on Kessler International today.

Case Studies

On behalf of our client, a mid-sized Internet company, Kessler International’s team of computer forensics specialists seized various computers from the client’s litigation opponent. Adherence to procedure enabled us to secure evidence from the machines that supported our client’s argument. The evidence secured was used by our client in their legal action.

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