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It’s finally time! You’ve been a sole proprietor for years, and you’re ready to take on investors to move forward and help your business grow. Several candidates are standing by, waiting for your approval. But who is the best choice? Who should serve as a major player in your company’s expansion? Naturally, one of the most important factors is the individual’s financial solvency: can they provide your funding as promised? Few individual investors are willing to divulge all aspects of their financial background to you. Sure, they’ll give you an overall picture, but chances are they won’t reveal everything.

That’s where Kessler International comes in. We’ll provide you with the most complete individual asset search available anywhere. Our international database lets us track the history of individuals worldwide, with no borders to stand in our way. An individual asset search covers a broad spectrum of real property, including land, vehicles, airplanes, boats, corporate and partnership interests, and investments. We’ll let you know who-and what-you’re dealing with.

When Do You Need Individual or Corporate Asset Search?

Choosing an investor as related above is one reason. This list is not inclusive, but other searches we’ve done have been for:

  • Litigation preparation
  • Internal corporate investigations
  • Financial institutions preparing to loan large sums of money
  • Tracking large financial transfers, possibly due to illegal gain
  • Background checks to investigate future spouses or in-laws
  • Background checks for a potential mate that you’ve met online
  • Attorneys and collection agencies to levy hidden assets for judgments
  • Determining whether assets are available to make litigation worthwhile
  • Spouses wanting to locate concealed assets before a divorce action

Kessler International provides individual asset search and corporate asset searches to individuals, corporations, financial institutions, and governmental agencies around the globe. Our ability to work quickly and with the utmost concern for your privacy has earned us the distinction as a top international asset search firm.

We Provide Professional Asset Searches

Kessler International Asset SearchWhen you’re thinking about an individual asset search, or a corporate asset search, keep in mind one important thing: Money always leaves a trail. From an account number in an overseas database to a bank statement buried in the trash, there’s always some evidence of an asset’s existence. Kessler’s financial experts have years of experience finding clues that indicate assets exist, and they’ve developed procedures for uncovering and documenting these assets for clients around the world. Other investigative firms run into border limitations when conducting individual asset searches or corporate asset searches. At Kessler International, we’ve broken down the borders and conduct asset searches that have no boundaries other than the parameters set by you. Our access to international and proprietary databases makes it impossible for anyone to hide assets from the prying eyes of Kessler International’s experienced investigators.

Kessler International has international offices and a network of affiliates that provide us with information typically beyond your reach. In addition, we subscribe to proprietary databases that most individuals and companies find cost-prohibitive, but which we use regularly to access a wide variety of financial information. Through these channels, we are able to locate all assets quickly and completely.

Call Kessler International today. We’ll conduct a quick and discreet individual asset search to protect your interests or the interests of those you love, or a corporate asset search to protect the interests of your shareholders. We’ll do it quickly, privately and efficiently, which is the Kessler International way.

 Kessler International abides by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and as such will not use pretexting to obtain bank account information.

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