Due Diligence

Be Diligent with Due Diligence

Contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructuring? Then consider the benefits of a due diligence investigation. In today’s business environment, timely and accurate intelligence isn’t an option-it’s a necessity.

Due diligence investigations not only protect your current or future intellectual property, but they safeguard your company’s reputation. What happens if you forge full-steam ahead into a new business deal without one? Do skeletons lay waiting in closet, ready to destroy your company’s reputation? Or will intellectual property issues arise, leaving you without the intangibles you found most attractive? What other problems are lurking beneath the surface? You’ll never be 100 percent certain that your business relationships will work out as planned-but a little due diligence goes a long way towards ensuring a beneficial, rather than detrimental, deal.

Due diligence investigations encompass a wide variety of investigative techniques. At Kessler International, we’ll consult with you to figure out exactly what you need-and why. Whether it’s a limited public records search, or an in-depth investigation spanning the globe, we’ll put our discreet due diligence experts to work to make sure your deal meets, instead of defeats, your business objectives.

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Case Studies

  1. Our client, a large transportation company was negotiating a deal with a smaller company that was based in a region where our client’s profits were low. The smaller company claimed to have a stronghold over the region. The researchers and investigators at Kessler International were called in to substantiate the smaller companies business in the region, verify their profits and losses, and make note of potential liabilities. A due diligence investigation of the transportation industry was conducted and although profits and losses were accurate, it became known that many customers were displeased with the service from the company in question and would seek other alternatives for service. Our client was able to renegotiate a competitive price, now that they were armed with valuable information about the merging company’s future.
  2. A communications company was considering acquiring a smaller company overseas that had an illicit reputation. The team at Kessler International was called in to conduct a background investigation of the company and document liabilities. The researchers and investigators identified the major stockholders in the company and looked into their legal history. They also reviewed the company’s reputation and their financial history and found the company had exaggerated about their earnings and clientele list. The communications company went ahead with the deal, knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into.

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