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For years, one investigative consulting firm has consistently excelled beyond all the others, combining experience, integrity and worldwide presence to provide premium solutions and top-notch service… that firm is Kessler International.

Insurance Claims Auditing

Insurance claims auditing is a vital process to any company that is integral to the insurance claim process. The idea of the audit is very simple – collect data to prove, or disprove, the veracity of a claim. Kessler’s experienced claims auditors have the experience and knowledge of how to scrutinize every detail of a submitted claim and determine if there is fraudulent activity or unsubstantiated sections of the claim.

Forensic Accounting

Accountants Look At The Numbers. Forensic Accountants Look Behind The Numbers®. When your numbers just don’t add up, you need a forensic accountant to dig deeper.

Digital Forensics

In today’s technology-driven society, cell phones, PDAs and computers are the backbone of everyday life. All over the world, companies and individuals rely on these intricate digital systems to manage many of their day to day routines, and most are faced with security risks, incessant junk mail and data vulnerability.

Brand Protectors

Kessler International provides clients with superior trademark in-use investigations.
Our domestic and international in-use investigations can incorporate the following: • Corporate Records • Date of First Use • Current Use • Geographic Scope of Use • Channels of Distribution • Abandonment/ITU Details • Internet Archives

The Kessler Difference

Kessler International is a fully licensed private investigative firm carrying 15 active licenses in different states including two in New York and California, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas and Washington.


Kessler’s proprietary collection of private and public databases


Information regarding Kessler’s comprehensive copyright protection service

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